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Fin Earrings, Drop Earrings, Drop Ring

Designed by Bottega Veneta for the Spring 2024 ready to wear collection

​350+ piece production by Officine Saffi Lab

Each ceramic piece was created using custom plaster molds that were made from 3D printed samples

Multiple plaster molds were made for each item to improve production time

Large Fin Earrings and Small Fin Earrings were created using slip casting

Drop Ring and Drop Earrings were created using press molding

Drop rings required extra care as each had to be slowly dried to match the necessary arch for standard ring sizes

Glazes for each design were developed using recipes specific to the Bottega Veneta brand

Each piece was hand glazed with care


Silver and gold smithing completed elsewhere

Product photos by Bottega Veneta

Drop Earring Hoops1.jpeg
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